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Rickettsialpox Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? What you should be alert for in the history Rickettsialpox is an acute, self-limited febrile illness that belongs to the spotted fever group of rickettsioses caused by the bacteria Rickettsia akari. It was first identified by Dr. Robert Huebner in New York City in 1946. Although relatively benign,…

Pityriasis rosea

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? In 1798, British physician Robert Willan first described a self-healing cutaneous eruption termed roseola annulata. However, it wasn’t until 1860 that French physician Camille Melchior Gilbert renamed this exanthem pityriasis rosea, the name still currently in use. Characteristic findings on physical examination Pityriasis rosea is an acute, self-limited exanthem…

Arthroplasty of the Ankle

What the Anesthesiologist Should know before the operative procedure? Patients undergoing ankle arthroplasty are generally elderly and have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Ankle arthroplasty is not a common surgical procedure, although interest has been renewed due to improvements in the prostheses. Ankle arthroplasty is generally considered a last resort for older, non-obese, sedentary patients. 1.…

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