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C. Andrew Kistler, MD, PharmD

Andy authors Cancer Therapy Advisor's "In the Clinic" column. He is a gastroenterologist with interests in GI oncology, immunotherapy, the gut microbiome, and clinical pharmacology.

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Gut microbiome

Colorectal Cancer and the Gut Microbiome: What Are the Connections?

The gut microbiome has become one of the most researched topics in gastroenterology. However, it is not yet understood how changes to the gut microbiome affect certain malignancies, particularly colorectal cancer (CRC). Despite improvements in detection and prevention by colonoscopy and other forms of testing, CRC still has a significant effect on patient morbidity and…

Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn Disease Demonstrate Increased Risk for Psychiatric Illnesses

For both patients with ulcerative colitis and those with Crohn disease, psychiatric diagnoses were more common in those who were elderly (greater than 65 years old), women, and white, and those with psychiatric conditions more frequently had a history of alcohol abuse, tobacco and substance abuse, personality disorder, and corticosteroid use.

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